• Financial Freedom: My Journey so Far

    In the past few weeks from our last edition, Tola, my Financial Advisor at ARM has walked me through creating my financial plan. We started by comparing my assets to my liabilities to get my net worth.

  • How Much are You Worth?

    My friend recently asked me out of the blues- how much are you worth? How much am I worth? I stuttered a bit about how I‘m not a business mogul or big personality and the conversation moved on.

  • How long do I have to save?

    Not again, Bisi sighs as the conductor zooms off with the bus, conveniently forgetting to produce her N350 balance. Completely tired of Lagos conductors and danfo troubles, she hisses in desperation. Bus hopping is draining the life out of her.

  • Waiting For Payday…

    Giddy with excitement, Jane made her way into Surulere Mall. Hardly glancing around, she found her way into Pretty toes, a massive suite on the left side of the mall.

  • Money Smart?

    Fred received an unexpected phone call from Canada offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in offshore options trading, promising returns of more than 30%.

  • Half full or half empty?

    Before the exchange rate skyrocketed, you promised your wife a summer vacation. Now the money you have saved can barely cater for flight expense.

  • How to Access Your Investment (IV) Number

  • Investment Made Easy! Just Dial our USSD Codes

    You can now subscribe for our Mutual Funds via your phone, even without internet connection.