Institutional Investors

Optimise growth with the appropriate investment solutions

We manage a range of investment mandates on behalf of our institutional clients, including corporations, insurance companies, trusts, pension funds and government agencies. With the help of our experienced investment team, you are able to:

  • Access and benefit from our investment expertise and insights on products and the markets
  • Find appropriate solutions for your specific needs
  • Achieve excellent long-term returns at a tolerable risk level
  • Manage cash flow to ensure access to cash
  • Manage accountability to shareholders
  • Make optimal use of your capital

Our investment philosophy underpins all our investment decisions

We apply our investment philosophy consistently when we decide where and when to invest. This is because we believe it will deliver the best results for our clients. In short, our philosophy involves buying shares from companies that we have determined have higher intrinsic value than their quoted market price. The reason for this is that we expect that over time the value of the shares in the market will appreciate to reflect the intrinsic value of the companies. This way, we maintain a balance between risk and return.

The underlying values of our investment philosophy are:

  • Transparency - about fees, costs and risks
  • Accountability - towards our clients and each other
  • Integrity - to deliver what we promise in the way we promise
  • Discipline - to stick to our philosophy and convictions despite market turmoil

We structure and manage your investments according to your business needs

We understand that the investment needs of institutional investors differ between businesses and industries. That is why we customise our institutional investment service for each client to ensure we provide appropriate solutions for the best possible outcomes.

As part of our institutional offering, we:

  • Provide investment advice on how to optimise the business' financial resources for growth and sustainability
  • Structure short, medium and long term bespoke financial plans based on the business' specific needs and means using our investment and market expertise and experience
  • Manage your investments and continually review the financial plan to ensure you have the appropriate products that can deliver the best possible results and that you stay on track with meeting investment goals